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Monday, January 14, 2013

We once hopped, skipped and jumped...


'Hopscotch' seemed like a distant forgotten term to me. An endearing term that was so precious to me. Seemed like an half remembered dream, that i struggled to place.
 And lo, I remembered, it was a game as a child I would play at that wee age. We would all gather round to take turns to play it and it brought back happy & beautiful memories. The laughter of children, the smiles on their faces and it didn't matter if we won or lost. We played and Oh! we played our hearts out. The bated breath await. The shrill joy seeking scream. Then was the time. The time of merriment and surpassing happiness.
Will it ever come back. Yes ! It shall !
We have left a legacy for our children and for those yet to come. We need to strive to keep it. And nurture their dreams with the hopes that we were better men once and just enjoyed the simpler and finer things in life. And so we tread ahead with the firm faith that we once hopped, skipped and jumped.