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Monday, December 3, 2012

"It is not the violence that sets men apart. It is the distance that he is prepared to go"


Some days ago,

I saw a blue sphere and as it resounded, I saw the faint outline of another one.
The dim light made it more easier to see it. It was unmistakable.
#Ingress had landed in Mumbai.
And the Resistance had captured not one but 5 portals.
Beacons of Hope. Right at the seashore.
Like a Lighthouse, it emitted a strange and a wondrous light.


It seems to be vanishing. As I speak, only 2 remain.
They are replaced with a Green Light now.
The Enlightened boasts now of their first portal in Mumbai.

Wake up O Dreamer ! Your War is at hand.

"It is not the violence that sets men apart. It is the distance that he is prepared to go"

Right Now,

I haven't done a damn thing. Yet. It was never about me.
We are The Resistance. And You are Part of the Resistance. For those out there, this isn't over yet.
We haven't played our hand. Yet.

M60 signing out.
"Actions speak louder than words"

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Own best friend. Own worst enemy.

Dear Myself,

I almost slipped today. God help me.
There is an overwhelming sense of unresolved anger in me.
The Past haunts me.
I cannot forgive, I will not forget
I am going down a path of destruction knowingly
I will not harm anyone, just myself.
We make our own heaven and we make our own hell. We choose to give importance to a person or a thing and when that person goes away, we lose ourselves. We are consumed with anger. With Grief. We cry. We wail. We Sob. We lead lonely miserable lives. And in the end we are all alone. And no one is coming to save    us.
Do you believe that sometimes you have to make an ideal more important than the man himself.
Is that the solution to not crumbling down. Is that the solution to not living aimlessly. Miserable existence.
Who is going to even value what we say or do

Love? Is Love the answer. But didn't love betray you. Didn't you in turn betray love too.

What do you do? Forgive ? You got to be joking ? I cannot forgive.
The first thing you need to believe about people is, 'That people can change.'
Change is the only thing that should be constant.
But change what?
The other person. Gone. Pride. Gone. Friends. Gone. Respect. Gone. Job. Gone. Wealth. Never was there.

Was I born with a silver spoon. A golden spoon. A wooden spoon.
You and I were never born with any spoons in our mouth. We were never even spoon fed.
We grew like wild oaks near streams. We grew strong, healthy and arrogant.
Was our arrogance our downfall. Did we take each other for granted.
Respect is everything. Did we believe that we could lead separate lives.
Now that is a joke. We were never meant to live separate lives.
We were never meant to be alone, miserable and downright dismal.
So what is the way out? Don't ask me? Ask your pathetic miserable self !
You are not willing to change. How can u change others. First change.
Then the love flows. Then Inner Peace is achieved. Harmony is restored.
You don't owe anyone or Do you? You owe the world to stop leading selfish lives.
You owe it to everyone to lead lives that make a difference.
Preaching is meant for preachers and sermons are meant for the flock.
What do u do when the person is U !
Who do u turn to when you are the cause of your own grief.
What is done is done. Don't hold on to things, people or even events.
Everything has to pass and make way for the new.
Happiness is meant to flow and not be bottled up.
Its like a stream that turns into a swamp
A swamp of despair and chaos.
And then we walk right into it.
Let it go. Heal your self. Forgive. Be the better man.

You cant win when the person you were fighting was you.
You cant win. All are gone. You are alone. Think, man, think!
Think long. Think hard. What you are not going to do. And stick to it.

With Love,

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Where there is Smoke...There is Fire...

And The Fire Rises... Now.

He has waited 18 years.

He Thinks He is Ready!

I may have the means, the skill ...but not the method...

No...Thats not True... I have hundreds of methods...But something's missing.

Something isn't right.

I have to wait. I have to wait.